Traditional martial arts

Second Art Dues ($25 /Month)

Standard Student Dues ($50 /Month)

Recommended Equipment Resources:


E-Bogu (uniforms, swords and other equipment)

Tozando (swords, uniforms, etc)

Yamato Budogu (swords, uniforms, etc)

Mugendo Budogu (uniforms and other equipment - located in the USA)

Bugei Trading Company (swords, uniforms, etc)

Nihonzashi (cutting swords and other supplies)

Budo Videos (books and videos, as well as some uniforms)

Useful student links for online monthly due payments, authorized internet retailers, and other resources.

Student Resources

Our Mission

At the Shinwakan Dojo, our mission is simple: to offer authentic training in traditional martial arts with lineages and current affiliations in Japan. We are the only school in the Indianapolis area offering this variety of traditional arts for study.