Traditional martial arts

Kenjutsu is the premier martial art of Japan. The sword held both a practical function and spiritual dimension to the Samurai class of feudal Japan. Unlike Iaido (Iaijutsu), Kenjutsu is a generic term meant to describe any art using the sword. Typically, Kenjutsu refers to training in paired forms (Kata) with the sword already drawn.

Within our Dojo, Kenjutsu is not studied separately from Iaido. rather, Kenjutsu is taught as an essential aspect of Iaido. We train in the Kenjutsu of Eishin-ryu and Shinkage-ryu schools. Please contact us for additional information.‚Äč

Kenjutsu - Classical Japanese Swordsmanship

Traditional Japanese Kenjutsu

At the Shinwakan Dojo, we offer classes in traditional Japanese Iaido, or Japanese swordsmanship, based on the use of the samurai sword. We practice Kenjutsu as an essential element of Iaido and Japanese swordsmanship.


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