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Iaido - Traditional Japanese Sword Arts

Traditional Japanese Iaido

At the Shinwakan Dojo, we offer classes in traditional Japanese Iaido, or Japanese swordsmanship, based on the use of the samurai sword. We practice solo sword drawing, paired forms, and test cutting with real swords.


Iaido lessons are available


Iaido (Iaijutsu):
Nihon Iaido ("Japanese sword drawing way") is studied in conjunction with Aikijujutsu, but may be studied as a stand-alone art by interested students, as separate rank is awarded in our Nihon Iaido curriculum.

Our Iaido is a modern (gendai) curriculum of traditional Japanese sword-drawing that is based on the Toyama-ryu, and Dai Nippon Batto-ho systems. All techniques are performed from a standing position, making the art suitable for those who have difficulty kneeling. In addition to solo sword-drawing techniques, the curriculum also includes paired sword forms with a partner (kenjutsu). Students also practice test cutting with live blades (tameshigiri / suemonogiri) to refine their skill with the sword.‚Äč