Traditional martial arts

Atushi Shimojo Sensei

Iaido - Traditional Japanese Sword Arts

Traditional Japanese Iaido

At the Shinwakan Dojo, we offer classes in traditional Japanese Iaido, or Japanese swordsmanship, based on the use of the samurai sword. We practice solo sword drawing, paired forms, and test cutting with real swords.

Iaido (Iaijutsu):
Iaido (or Iaijutsu) is a traditional form of Japanese swordsmanship that focuses on drawing and cutting with the samurai sword. It is a detail-oriented, traditional art that will challenge one both physically and mentally. Study includes solo (Iaido) and paired techniques (Kenjutsu), as well as test cutting with live blades (Suemonogiri).

Our dojo is a member dojo within the Dai Nippon iaido Kyokaiin Kyoto Japan. The president of the DNIK is Atushi Shimojo Sensei. Our Iaido is a modern (gendai) curriculum of traditional Japanese sword-drawing that is based on the The Seitei Iai of the Nippon Kendo Renmei, Morinaga-ha, Yamaguchi-ha, and Shimojo-ha Toyama-ryu, and Eishin-ryu systems. 

In addition to solo sword-drawing techniques, the curriculum also includes paired sword forms with a partner (kenjutsu). Students also practice test cutting with live blades (tameshigiri / suemonogiri) to refine their skill with the sword.‚Äč

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