Traditional martial arts

classical samurai self-protection arts

Koryu Jujutsu

Classical (Koryu) Jujutsu is a Japanese self-protection art developed by the samurai. Like modern Jujutsu, classical Jujutsu is a sophisticated art that employs various strikes and kicks, joint locks, throws, chokes, ground defenses, and restraint techniques to control one or more aggressors. Also unlike our modern Jujutsu, classical Jujutsu employs the use of many weapons, including the sword, 6-foot staff, 4-foot stick, short stick, arresting truncheon (jutte), and scickle & chain (kusarigama). Through the Kan-ou-Kan, we study the classical Shibukawa Ichi-ryu school. Learn more about it here...

classical samurai swordsmanship


Kenjutsu is the premier martial art of Japan. The sword held both a practical function and spiritual demension to the Samurai class of feudal Japan. Unlike Iaido (Iaijutsu), Kenjutsu is a generic term meant to describe any art using the sword. Typically, Kenjutsu refers to training in paired forms (Kata) with the sword already drawn. Within our Dojo, we train in the Oishi Shinkage-ryu school of Kenjutsu.  Learn more about it here...

secondary study

Other Classes

In addition to our primary classes, we also host various seminars and workshops. Please contact us for additional information.

classical sword drawing arts

Iaido (Iaijutsu)

Iaido (or Iaijutsu) is a traditional form of Japanese swordsmanship that focuses on drawing and cutting with the samurai sword. It is a detail-oriented, traditional art that will challenge one both physically and mentally. Study includes solo (Iaido) and paired techniques (Kenjutsu), as well as test cutting with live blades (Suemonogiri).  Read more about Iaido... 


Our Classes

Indianapolis Martial Arts at the Shinwakan Dojo offers a wide variety of classes in traditional martial and other arts. Which classes will you join?  Read the following summaries of the various classes we offer, then follow the links to each art for a more comprehensive overview.